i qualify as a complainer. i´m fine with that,  but i´m not an angry complainer.

i just find that there is irony and chaos in most things and i tend to point that out.

for example, a group of kids playing on a playground, smiling in the sun.  my first thought walking by: oh, that´s nice.

but then one of them screams or kicks another one or throws sand or does something that kids do which is mostly a little violent and disturbing to adults but not to kids because they have no context or notion of good and evil and they are pretty much just little bundles of instincts.

and my next thought is: humanity is rotten and i bet there´s dog poop in that sandbox. and i say that out loud.

i didn´t say “oh that´s nice” out loud, because that´s such an inane thing so say.

so yeah, if you were walking next to me, you would probably think i am angry.

when all i am is (pensive break) deeply concerned about the fate of the universe.