is not my thing. 

one day though,i woke up and halloween was a thing. people cared about costumes, and painting their faces to look like they think dead people look. it’s rarely accurate as far as i can tell.

before waking up to a changed world, i only knew about the “day of the dead”: on oct 31 or nov 1, depending on preference, everyone was at the cemetery. which sounds interesting but it’s not.

we were all there to clean the graves of passed family members, a kind of grave hygiene day if you like. there was sweeping and wiping and removing burnt candles, dead flowers being replaced with fresh ones, new candles being lit, a loooooooot of praying and murmuring and crossing yourself. well, the adults did all that. the children were marginally interested to say the least. i didn’t know any dead people so i had zero context and zero candy. also, it was cold. 

now all of a sudden it’s not about actual people who died but more about hypothetically being dead yourself. or hypothetically being a sexy nurse with a gaping wound to the head. which are the same, except one allows you to show off your voluptuous chest – if you are the lucky owner of such – while grinding against a zombie with a boner.

i’ll file it under progress.