if anyone had ever told me that i would once happily and willingly wake up at 7:30am on a Saturday to start a yoga class at 8 and then spend most of the day walking up and down the autumnal Bavarian landscape, i would have patted them on the head and offered to take them to a doctor since they were obviously feverish and talking nonsense.

it all started very promising, i didn’t break anything during “fire” yoga AND- most importantly- there was a wide selection of cheese at the breakfast buffet. then we went for a so-called walk. which very soon turned out to be a hike.

now, usually i would have expressed my concern at this turn of events. however, we were doing a “meditative walk” (it was a hike, you don’t fool me!) and were not allowed to speak. 

yes, it’s that kind of a retreat stop judging you have no idea it’s actually a lot of fun carry on.

so i fell behind – my mind wandering – staring at cows peacefully grazing, following spiders along their delicate webs, taking pictures of horses and trees and little clearings where auburn leaves were set on fire by the sun. it turns out that for all the words in my head waiting to come out, i am pretty good at not talking. it’s quite the meditative state. which was kind of the point of the endeavour so yes i can do tautology thank you.

now don’t get me wrong. i did not magically convert to hiking-ism, this is not my confession. but i did have a brilliant, splendid day and wanted to share.

it did smell like dung most of the time and i constantly had to take my jacket off and put it on again so it wasn’t perfect or anything.

here’s what it looked like…