I´ve known you for almost 6 years ( I am not really sure if it´s 5 or 6 so I decided to go for the least likely number, statistically speaking – you have taught me so much!) and I don´t remember ever writing you a letter. Since you gave me a blog (you and Fred, I didn’t forget but this is not about Fred so yeah), I will write you one now.

This isn´t technically a letter either let´s not kid ourselves, but I haven´t used pen and paper in ages and you probably wouldn´t be able to decipher my handwriting, let´s face it you ARE wearing glasses and  well this turned into an insult fast never mind that.

It´s really sad that I don´t get to spend more time with you, now that you are a business owner traveling the world and making people press pink buttons on charts. OK, maps whatever not the point.  Your swag is greatly missed. I hope you had a great birthday and that you wore the sweater I got for you last year. That really adds to the swag. I am currently knitting you another one for next year. It involves a nativity scene but with Humpty Dumpty as baby Jesus. Kinda still working out how to introduce the wall in the manger. It´s gonna be awesome.

So here´s a few things I wanted to remind you of and say thank you for:

Thank you for letting me stay at your house on my first ever visit to London ages ago and letting me sleep on that inflatable mattress that deflated by morning and allowed me to experience the full splendor of your living room floor.

Thank you for cooking in my kitchen and giving it a sense of accomplishment. It still talks about you to this date.

Thank you for teaching me and testing me on the NATO alphabet. That filled 2 years of my life and it´s pretty much time I will never get back, but I feel so much closer to my dream of becoming a CIA agent.

Thank you for introducing me to horse´s necks as  safety drinks. I was living such a sordid life when all I had was water in between cocktails. You have seriously enabled my most fantastic hangovers. Those that you never forget because they bring you so much closer to your toilet bowl – and let´s face it, nobody would think of doing that other wise. It´s good to engage with your utilities, I think.

Thank you for all the cigarettes, the conversations and the drunk I love yous.

Happy belated birthday!