i don’t have a retirement plan. which is fine, because i am a long way from retirement and also because who cares.

except i was at the bank today to discuss my retirement plan.

i seem to repeatedly find myself in situations that i loathe and immediately realise that somehow i brought them upon myself entirely on my own.

how much money do you want to have at your disposal when you are 67? the bank guy asks while keeping a straight face. he is nice enough and very helpful. he also tells me he has 3 private retirement insurance policies. what kind of a life is that? 

my friend suggested i should have answered that i want to be independently wealthy when i am 67. just to see the guy’s face.

i lack this kind of spontaneity. so i assumed a dumbstruck facial expression, shrugged my shoulders and said no idea.

the nice friendly three times insured bank guy then proceeded to explain the advantage of this and that and the other while my mind wondered to a place filled with cheese.

i have a retirement plan now. that’s all i know.