so i struggle with people who take themselves seriously. because i have no idea how to talk to someone who genuinely believes that they are beyond ridicule and humor. how is that even a thing?

apparently people feel offended. which is a them.

completely unrelated but maybe also a little bit related: why do onions and garlic get such a bad rap? why is everyone so offended by onion breath or garlic breath? what about coffee breath? everybody loves coffee, everybody hates the sour breath it gives you, nobody dissess coffee. i mean, coffee is very lovely there is no reason to diss it just so we are clear.

but onion and garlic, who are very lovely as well and make food fun and tasty, are treated like incestuous redneck cousins. people only invite them over when nobody is around and they are sure they will not meet anyone tomorrow either. and by no means have them for lunch! but sure, have that black espresso after your onion-free salad and then walk straight into your business meeting. that´s all right.

you should not discriminate when being offended. either you are offended or you are not. and if you are, be offended all the way! at everything.all the time.

consistency is the mother of something. i am sure this is a quote.