patience confuses me. i am not wired for it nor do i see any benefits other than self flagellation. and that is only a benefit in certain communities with very particular inclinations. not that there is anything wrong with particular inclinations.

there was one moment when i became very aware of how different other people feel about this, though.

i ordered käsespätzle for lunch and so did my friend. it should come as no surprise that i adore käsespätzle and i believe that they are a godly gift to humanity, to say the least.

finally, after what felt like an eternity, the lady brings us our steaming skillets of cheesy, gooey wonder. my mouth was brimming with excitement, my taste buds chanting hymns of praise for cheese. or some such.

while i was busy stuffing my face with pure dairy gold, i turned my head towards my friend, looking for a connection during this emotional high. his skillet was pushed aside and his entire focus was on the side dish –  a salad. needless to say,  i nearly fainted.

when i recovered from this severe blow to my world views and everything i hold dear, i gathered all my energy and asked him why on earth he would discard the käsespätzle and have the salad first. he looked at me plainly and with a little pity and simply said that he enjoys them more if he postpones the gratification. and then he went back to his salad.