We got off to a good start. 

We managed to pack and unpack our bags several times to ensure that we only have the bare minimum. Do I really need 5 different pairs of shorts? Probably not. Time will tell.

Markus picked us up Tuesday morning in his hip Defender. I got to sit in the back, slightly elevated, and felt somewhere between royal and encarcerated. The boys were bantering in the front about how Markus actually picked us up on the right day at the right time. If you know him, you know that that was only half joking. JK Markus we love you. Before driving to the airport we made a short stop by the office, and, for a brief moment, it felt like any other day. Markus even joked about how it was all a ruse and I better get to work. Ha! 

The flight was nice, we had a row of 4 seats all to ourselves so actually it was better than nice.

We’re in Bangkok now, killing 5 hours in between flights and chilling in the Thai Air lounge – courtesy of Buck’s membership of some sort. The lounge is small and packed with people, who seem to wash in in waves of either exhausted parents with upset babies or super smart businessmen with Macs. The first image that welcomed us to Thailand was a huge ad for whitening facial cream called SnailWhite. It is a different world here…

In a little while we’ll be on our way to Laos…super excited!