so yeah, i spent most of the weekend watching a danish tv show on netflix – rita.

with subtitles. i am good, but not a genius.

i was aptly entertained, thank you. and it was quite the education.

here is what i learned:

1. the danish language -to me- sounds like the hate-child of german and english, spoken while being tasered and gagged. quite challenging and somewhat concerning. 

2. after listening to danish for 7 hours on a sunday, everything sounds danish the following monday. i had a veery confusing day.

3. all danish vowels sound like “o”. consequently, no dane opens their mouth when they speak.

4. danes are disproportionately blond.

5. danes are fantastically multicultural.

6. danes smoke. a lot and without apology.

7. 4, 5 and 6 may well be some media bias or stereotype i don’t know i’m not an expert leave me alone.

so yeah. got that off my chest. maybe this blog was given to me for self-therapy. ramdersson are such good friends.

jeg må gå nu. read: yo mo go no (maybe shove a whole loaf of bread in your mouth before saying it.)

that is a real sentence and also distinctly appropriate for wrapping up this rant.