which is very fortunate.

however, most of the time, I feel like they are. which is a concern.

this is what the germans have accurately coined  “fremdscham”. which is to say that you feel ashamed (scham), because of something that someone else (fremd) is doing, but you feel as if you did it yourself, but, of course, you would never do it yourself, because it would cause you shame, and knowing all this actually accentuates the fremdscham. i feel like this could have been explained better. google it.

that´s why i can´t watch any “fail” videos. they make me cringe.

oh wow. i just realized that i am a monument of empathy! (pat myself on the back, good job)


image from: http://loopele.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/Funny-Statue-of-Liberty-Picture-1024×936.jpg